Decorative Art

While the Fine Arts provide us with aesthetic pleasure, the Decorative Arts elevate everyday and utilitarian objects, into an art form. Decorative Arts give us a sense of beauty beyond practicality and allow us to enrich our lives with simplicity and craftsmanship.

Decorative Arts could be described as things we choose to live and surround ourselves with and include ceramics, textiles, metals, wood, paper and yes, glass.

The Houston collection will astound and amaze, not by just its sheer volume but it’s beauty.

A highlight of my visit to Chattanooga was the time spent in the Houston Museum. The collection beckons you from the front windows and does not fail to impress once you step inside.
— Anne Madarasz, Museum Division Director and Director of the Western PA Sports Museum, Sen. John Heinz History Center
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201 High Street

Anna Houston never occupied the house at 201 High Street, but this Victorian structure serves as a fitting showcase for the Houston collection. The house was built in the mid 1890s and enjoyed by several families before the museum purchased the property in 1968…

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The Collection

Anna Houston’s glass objects, from water pitchers to a group of miniature oil “courting” lamps.  She collected over 15,000 pieces of rare examples of decorative glass…

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Overwhelming is the single best word to describe the Houston collection. The glass in the collection is stellar in diversity, rich in quality, engaging in its presentation, and a true joy for students of antique glass. I suggest it is a must see for those wanting to acquire a strong working knowledge of American Decorative Arts!
— Dean Six, Vice Pres. Blenko Glass Co

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Become an official History Hunter with the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts Education Program!

The Houston Museum of Decorative Arts offer educational programs that can be brought to your school or organization. Our programs are fun filled with hands on activities that let your students enjoy their creative side. For each class, we will bring in items from our museum collection.