H O L I D A Y   T E A

Tea M’Lady Co-hosts the Houston Museum’s Annual Holiday English Tea and Open House


Chilly weather is already here—and so are the holidays and holiday shopping. Nothing sets the mood like the annual Holiday English Tea and Open House at the Houston Museum for Decorative Arts.


This year, the Houston is partnering with Tea M’Lady to co-host the event on both Dec. 8 and Dec. 15 from 1-4 p.m. As always, the event is a fundraiser for the unique Houston Museum—and the gift shop will also be open.“


Attending a tea at the Houston has always been a delicious experience,” said Marilyn Hoke, Houston Museum board member. “But with our new partnership with Tea M’ Lady, we will be treated to an added authenticity. ‘Proper’ English tea items will be featured.”


Delicacies will include trifle, scones, tiny sandwiches, tarts, cheese straws, petit fours and other specialties—and of course, tea, properly served.


According to Houston research, “Porcelain cups and saucers were first collected by European kings and queens as early as the 17th century. Frederick the Great presented a cup and saucer to Emperor Joseph II on his coronation. For France’s Marie Antoinette, decorating a table was a passion, and she only accepted the finest examples.


”Those taking tea this year can also enjoy the current Houston Museum exhibit, “The Allure of Tea.” Some of Annie Houston's more memorable pieces have been unwrapped and displayed along with quotes of famous tea drinkers. The exhibit will run throughout the cooler months.


Said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea". When you consider the age-old tradition of sipping a cup of tea, you may think of a quiet, personal time. A moment of civility and refinement, where one can just sit and contemplate at a much slower pace. What better time than during the busy holidays to take a moment to enjoy and relax?


What: Holiday English Tea and Open House
When: Sundays, Dec. 8, 15, 1-4 p.m.
Where: Houston Museum of Decorative Arts, 201 High St., Chattanooga
Cost: $25 adults, $5 children ages 4-12, $20 seniors 65 and older, includes museum tour.



For more information: (423) 267-7176